Making HIV tests friendly and accessible for everyone


OURA system is designed to create a comprehensive, stress-free, home oral HIV testing experience with a focus on sustainability.

How can we make a single-use HIV test more friendly, not only for users but also the environment? 


Summer 2015 | 14 weeks


Knowing is everything


In U.S., 50,000 people are infected with HIV each year and 1 in 8 people are unaware of their infection. By 2030, It is predicted that AIDS will become the world’s most burdensome disease.  

Knowing HIV status is the best way to take action in order to prevent further infection as well as start treatment.


A full-circle system that cares about you

OURA's system helps users to find the location where they can get OURA test kit, and complete the test with ease and clarity. OURA also reminds users to test regularly to stay in the loop.


Simply tested 

One of the benefits of OURA is that you can test your condition without hassle as soon as you decide to do so. Compared to the current system, OURA reduces the time and effort for users.


Everything you need to know about your condition

When you want to know your condition, OURA app will help guide you to locations where you can receive the test kit,  step-by-step instructions, and a list of local resources. Users can also discreetly order the kit online in case they can't visit to the locations physically.


App features: 

  • Locate nearby dispensers

  • Order online

  • OURA manual

  • List of local resources

  • HIV Q&A

  • Account settings


Instant access to HIV test


An OURA dispenser is located and managed at various public spaces. Inspired by a condom dispenser, it allows people to have instant access to the test kit. Through increased accessibility, it will help to reduce the number of transmitted HIV virus cases by people who don't know they have it.

The moment you need it, it's always there for you.




  • Hospitals

  • Community centers

  • Hotels

  • Pharmacies

  • Educational institutions

  • Research facilities

  • etc.


HIV testing made easy


OURA test kit is designed to enable users to complete the test without confusion or pain. From the moment of opening to waiting for the result, every interaction is carefully considered to offer a stress-free testing experience. 


All steps on one page


Every step is clearly articulated and organized. Being able to see all steps at once give testers a sense of context that reduces emotional burden. No more flipping through thick manuals! In order to reach majority of the users, OURA manual is printed in both English and Spanish.


Radically reduced waste


As a single-use product, OURA dramatically reduces the use of materials and is much friendlier for the environment than a benchmark product in the market. In order to reduce the waste for this single-use product, I examined the life cycle of the product from the beginning to the end. Full lifecycle analysis charts for both benchmark product and OURA were created to assess the environmental impacts like energy, waste and emission from material extraction to disposal.


Please check the Life Cycle Analysis below for details. 



How did I get to the solution?

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Firsthand Experience & Findings

In order to investigate the user experience of the benchmark product, I decided to test myself and observe what kind of difficulties I experienced during the process. 


Over packaging for a single-use product:
The benchmark product comes with many small packages as well as a big white container made of high-impact polystyrene. 

Overly complicated process & descriptions:
In every step, lots of information is given to users through manuals to make sure they do it right. However, it ironically makes otherwise simple tasks complicated and overwhelming with so many instructions one after another. As a result, users can’t feel certain if they did it right during the process. 

Small Frustrations:
From a pop-open cap that makes users worry to spill the solution inside to non-intuitive results ( i.e. two lines mean..negative? or positive? ), the process contains small pain points that accumulate and hinder the smooth user experience.


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Understanding Users' Voices


Due to the limited access to people who are willing to talk about their HIV testing experience, I read 232 Amazon reviews ( 06.15.15 ) to have different points of view on the product, and categorized pros and cons based on the frequency of the comments. People repeatedly mentioned its discreetness and how favorable it is while over packaging was pointed out negatively.


Input from an expert 


To have professional input on the project, I interviewed the director of client services from one of the largest non-profit AIDS service organization in U.S. located in Downtown Los Angeles. 


On current in-home HIV tests...


Difficulty to digest information:
He doubts how many people will read through the thick finely printed manuals.

Possible human errors:
Due to its complicated process, he pointed out the possibility of having human errors that affect the result.

Importance of reaching out:
He emphasizes the need to think about avenues to reach out to people for HIV testing and its advantages.

Fears for in-person tests:
It is mentioned that it can be intimidating for some people to come to a clinic and get tested.



Incohesive small steps make the whole experience unpleasant for testers

Better User Experience

Create a cohesive and pleasant testing experience



Overpackaging and inappropriate material choices create lots of waste


Minimize the use of materials and packaging



Some people mention they are scared of going to a clinic / in-person test

Reach Broader Users

Create opportunities for easier access to HIV test


All-in-one direction


Among all ideas, “all-in-one” concept was the best way to simply the testing experience and create less environmental impact.


Bring the concept to life


Based on the “all-in-one” concept, I created quick prototypes to check proportion, small details and manual format. The size was chosen to comfortably fit in the hand and pocket, as well as to accommodate all components within. I also explored different aesthetic options to achieve a medical-but-approachable look.


Modern classic


Based on Mrs Eaves, a transitional serif typeface designed in 1996, I created a customized OURA logo to have a clean and reliable feel suited for the semi-medical product.


Benefits of OURA system


– Easy access to HIV test
– Ease of completing the test

– Contribution to HIV prevention
– Holistic and scalable solution

– Radically reduced environmental impact