Stars within reach


Miniverse is a playful and interactive high-end sculptural toy that embraces and celebrates various surface finishing and textures. The class' goal was to design a new product for the future of the metal finishing industry.


Sponsored by
The National Association For Surface Industry


Touch, feel, and arrange

Users can rearrange planets and their locations to their liking. This interaction allows people to enjoy tactile differences and different metal finishing colors. They can showcase and express their taste by having miniverse on their desk.



As you like it


Like an orrery, users can move "planets" around and enjoy the tactile differences of each planet.


Meet the planets


Each planet was designed to offer an interesting combination of metal finishing and textures & shapes.  Which one is your favorite?



The concept was developed through sketching and quick prototyping. The final prototype was created by various tools and techniques such as silicon molding, low-temperature metal casting, welding, sanding, masking and metal plating or anodizing.


Stars within reach