IBM Design
Maelstrom Internship Program

 Fall 2016


At IBM Design, I had the amazing opportunities to join Maelstrom internship program, an intensive three month internship in Austin, Texas.

As a UX/UI design intern, I collaborated with a 5 person multidisciplinary team to develop a solution to enhance IBM Bluemix cloud platform’s user experience. 


My responsibilities:

  • Participate in interviews with internal and external developers and stakeholders

  • Identify user pain points using UX methodologies

  • Develop user personas / empathy maps

  • Build and iterate prototypes based on feedback (low-fidelity wireframes to high-fidelity screens)

  • Build user scenarios based on research (As-is scenario and To-be scenario) 

  • Conduct user testing 

  • Create presentation assets

Due to non-disclosure agreements, I can’t not publish the end product and final proposal.
If you would like to learn more for employment reasons, please contact me via