In-vehicle Experience Demo
at CES 2018


Amazon Web Services

Project Scope
Design and develop the near-future in-vehicle experience demo for CES 2018 in partnership with Amazon Web Services

4 weeks

My Role

  • Defining overall demo flows

  • Designing 3 iPad Apps (iPad mini, iPad Pro, iPad Retina) that showcase AWS capabilities

  • Collaborating with the internal development team to deliver the final demo 

Station Team: Evangeline La, Debbie Huang, Kei Yumino



Inspired by the ibex, a wild goat that lives on steep mountain terrain, IBEX enables roofers to work on slope in a more stable and safe way. This shoe offers features that give confidence so that roofers can be safe in a high-risk environment.

AWS_CES_Artboard 1.jpg
ipad_perspective_mockupArtboard 7.jpg


Built-in stability

The soft textured neoprene rubber outsole offers firm grip for any roofing surface. It has patterns to adapt to different types of surfaces and cup over air hoses to keep a stable footing.


Behind the scenes


Along with foundational secondary research, I conducted field observation and in-depth user interviews with people ranging from local daily workers to the owner of a roofing company with more than ten years of professional experience. To gain first-hand experience and insights, I also climbed on the roof with boots recommended at an online roofer forum. 





Although roofing activities require specific labor on slopes including walking, climbing, standing and crouching, existing construction footwear is not specifically designed for these kinds of activities. As a result, problems and pain points that roofers deal with on a daily basis, are overlooked . Informed by this finding, I developed solutions to address the issue through sketches and mock-ups.